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C3 x Hobby starts on 08/25 !

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  • Published on Friday, 17 August 2012 11:54
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Chara C3 X Hobby starts today on 08/25 

One of the largest gatherings of Japanese hobby the Chara-Hobby 2012 will starts on 25/08/2012.

The biggest names will be there with Bandai of course, Dengeki Hobby and Hobby Japan last two join forces to unveil a joint presentation that promises us good news.

This event will also host the Card Game Festa 2012 and the Chara-Hobby Amateur Market.

Looking through the site we can see the image below:

Maybe Toyota will reveal a Char Aznable X Toyota car at C3 X Hobby ^^

In this picture there are obviously the Toyota logo but Char Aznable and logo Zeon.

At the bottom of the image we can see written "Char Aznable X Toyota" that maybe announce a crossover between the Japanese firm and the famous character from the animated series.

We may be entitled to think about a GT86 with Char'c colro sheme and that is possible, Toyota has already unveiled a concept car at Tokoy Toy Show, the carmaker could take in the event with a demonstration vehicle. See the article on the Tokyo Toy Show 2012.

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